What Can You Put Down a Garbage Disposal

what can you put down a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals can be incredibly helpful kitchen appliances, but it’s important to know what you can and cannot put down them. While it may be tempting to dispose of every scrap of food waste down the sink, doing so could result in damage to your disposal or even your plumbing system. Here’s a breakdown of what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal.

What Do Sprouting Carrots Look Like

what do sprouting carrots look like

Sprouting carrots are a sight to behold, as their tiny green shoots break through the soil in search of sunlight. At first, they may look like delicate grass blades, but as they grow taller, they will develop into a full-fledged carrot plant. Keep an eye on your sprouts and soon enough, you’ll have a crop of fresh carrots to harvest.

What to Eat with Curry

what to eat with curry

If you’re a curry lover, you know the struggle of finding the perfect side dish to complement the spicy, flavorful dish. From naan bread to chutneys and pickles, there are many options. Here are some ideas to enhance your next curry experience.