What Does Iys Mean in Text

what does iys mean in text

Have you ever received a text with the letters “IYS” and wondered what it could possibly mean? Well, wonder no more! “IYS” stands for “if you say so.” This phrase is often used to express acquiescence, especially when one person is conceding a point to another. So next time you see “IYS” in a text message, you’ll know exactly what it means!

What Does Wm Mean in Text

what does wm mean in text

Wm is a common shorthand used in text messages and online messaging platforms. The abbreviation stands for “with message” and is typically used to indicate that a file or document is being sent alongside a message. So, when you receive a message with “wm” attached, it means that there is a file or document included for you to review.

What Does Lmak Mean in Text

what does lmak mean in text

LMK is a common abbreviation used in everyday texting. It stands for “let me know” and is usually used when seeking a response or opinion from the person you’re texting. In a world where communication is increasingly reliant on digital platforms, LMK has become a quick and efficient way to prompt a reply. So, the next time someone messages you LMK, you’ll know exactly what they’re asking for.