What Beaches Are Open After Hurricane Ian

what beaches are open after hurricane ian

As Hurricane Ian wrecked havoc on several coastal towns, the aftermath left many beaches closed for weeks. While some beaches remain closed, others have started reopening. Visitors are advised to check with local authorities for updates on their preferred beach’s status. Remember, safety should always be a top priority.

What Can a Positive Public Impression of Hunters Lead to

what can a positive public impression of hunters lead to

Hunters have long been stigmatized as bloodthirsty killers. A positive public impression can lead to increased support for conservation efforts, recognition of hunting as a sport requiring skill and patience, and a strengthening of the relationship between hunters and non-hunters.

What is Stick Season in Vermont

what is stick season in vermont

As autumn fades into winter, a peculiar season settles over the hills of Vermont. Known as ‘stick season,’ it’s a time when the colorful foliage of fall has fallen away, leaving behind a spindly world of bare branches and empty fields. Despite the barren landscapes, stick season brings its own brand of beauty and charm to the Green Mountain State.