What Month Are Most Serial Killers Born

what month are most serial killers born

Have you ever wondered if there is a certain month that produces more serial killers than others? Well, the answer may surprise you. Multiple studies have shown that the month of November has a higher percentage of serial killers born. While there may not be a concrete explanation, some theories suggest it could be linked to the seasonal changes or the holiday stress during pregnancy. Regardless, it’s an interesting statistic to ponder.

What Happened to Maryjane Auryn

what happened to maryjane auryn

MaryJane Auryn was once a popular YouTuber known for her love of books and fandoms. She disappeared from the platform suddenly in 2020, leaving her fans confused and concerned. Despite speculation and rumors, the reason for her departure remains unknown. Some have theorized that she simply wanted to take a break from social media, while others believe she may have faced personal struggles. Nevertheless, MaryJane has left an indelible mark on the online book community and her absence is keenly felt.