What is the Product of 2x+y and 5x-y+3

what is the product of 2x+y and 5x-y+3

Mathematical expressions can be intimidating, but fear not! The answer to the product of 2x+y and 5x-y+3 is relatively easy to find. First, we multiply 2x by 5x to get 10x². Then, we multiply 2x by -y to get -2xy. Next, we multiply y by 5x to get 5xy. Finally, we multiply y by -y and add 3 to get -y²+3. Combining these results gives us the product: 10x²+3-2xy+5xy-y².

What is 6/30 Simplified

what is 6/30 simplified

6/30 simplified is a fraction that has been reduced to simpler terms. It means that six out of thirty has been simplified to one out of five. This reduces the fraction to its lowest possible form, making it easier to work with and understand. In this article, we will explore the concept of simplifying fractions and provide simple examples for better understanding.