What You Find Kitsch in

what you find kitsch in

As subjective as it may be, we all have something that screams kitsch to us. Perhaps it’s gaudy decor or cheesy knick-knacks. Maybe it’s an over-the-top fashion statement or a cringe-worthy catchphrase. Whatever it may be, kitsch is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you find kitsch in?

What Happened to Monday Sex Scene

Possible excerpt:

The dystopian thriller “What Happened to Monday” features a few intense sex scenes between the lead actress Noomi Rapace and her two male co-stars. In one of them, Rapace’s characters engage in a threesome with the brothers, which serves to reveal some of their conflicting feelings and motives. The scene is shot in a dimly lit room with a red filter, alternating close-ups of the actors’ bodies and faces, and a slow-paced electronic music. It lasts for about two minutes and ends with the threesome falling asleep in each other’s arms. Some viewers have criticized the scene for being too gratuitous or exploitative, while others have praised it for being realistic and arousing.