What Level is Seneca County Under

what level is seneca county under

Seneca County sits at a crossroads of sorts. As COVID-19 outbreaks continue to rise across the United States, the county has been forced to grapple with tough questions about how to reopen safely. While many are looking to state and federal guidelines for guidance, others are calling for more localized decision-making. In this article, we explore what level Seneca County is currently under and what that means for residents and visitors alike.

What Are Overvotes

what are overvotes

Overvotes occur when a voter selects more candidates than allowed in a single race. Though subject to contestation, the practice is generally seen as a mistake to be avoided. However, in some cases, overvotes may signify an intentional protest or political statement. Regardless of one’s motivations, overvoting remains a topic of debate amongst election officials and lawmakers alike.