What Project Sekai Character Are You

what project sekai character are you

Are you curious to know which Project Sekai character represents you the most? Do you have the same fighting spirit as Hiiragi Kagami or are you more like Akira? Maybe you relate to Ayana’s love for music or Madoka’s determination to never give up. Take our quiz and find out which Project Sekai character speaks to your unique personality and spirit. You might be surprised with the result!

What Happened to Hbrowse

what happened to hbrowse

Once a popular source for freely accessible hentai manga, hbrowse suddenly disappeared from the internet in late 2019. Though speculation abounds, the exact reasons behind its disappearance remain unknown. Some suggest pressure from copyright holders or legal issues may be to blame, while others theorize technical problems or a change in ownership. Whatever the cause, fans of the site lament its loss, and many continue to search for any information about its fate.