What Happened to La Otra Mirada on Pbs

what happened to la otra mirada on pbs

La Otra Mirada, a popular Spanish drama series, disappeared from PBS programming in April 2020, leaving its dedicated fans in the dark. Despite its success, the reasons behind the show’s removal remain unknown, leaving many to speculate on its fate. However, with the rise in popularity of international streaming services, perhaps La Otra Mirada will find a new home outside of traditional television. Only time will tell.

What Happened to Luca in Jack Ryan

what happened to luca in jack ryan

In season one of Jack Ryan, we were introduced to the character of Luca. A seemingly ordinary Italian businessman who became a target when it was discovered that he was providing funding for Suleiman’s terrorist activities. Sadly, Luca met a tragic end when he was killed in a car bomb meant for Jack Ryan. His death served as a reminder of the very real and devastating consequences of terrorism.

What Pretty Little Liars Character Am I

what pretty little liars character am i

Have you ever wondered which “Pretty Little Liars” character you identify with the most? Are you a Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, or Alison? Each character has their own unique personality traits, flaws, and secrets. It’s time to take a closer look at yourself and see which character you can relate to the most.